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Non Woven Bags
non woven bags manufacturer
Why non woven bags :-
1.       Economic :-
          Non woven bags are Economical options. These Bags can be reused. These bags are cheaper than Paper bags
2.       Durable :-
          Non-woven shopping bags are made using non-woven fabric which makes bags strong and can not be teared easily
          and therefore long life.
3.       Eco Friendly :-
          These bags are made up from biodegradable fabric and hence recyclable. Therefore it is an Ecofriendly option.
4.       Great advertisement tool :-
          These bags are better advertisement tool as they can be easily printed with your company logo and tagline or message
           Moreover, these bags are beautiful enough to be used as tote bags to carry small things whenever you have to go out. They
           thus easily attract people’s attention.
5.       Fashionable :- These bags are available in various colours and sizes. We can enhance the look of your non-woven shopping            bags by incorporating them with various eye-catching design features
Our Products

Non woven bags
- Dcut Bags
- Wcut Bags
- Ucut Bags
- Box Type Bags
- Loop Handle Bags.
- Sweet Box Bags
- Cake Box Bags
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