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non woven bags
Shreya Enterprises
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 non woven bags
 Carry Bags
non woven bags manufacturer
Non woven bags supplier
Shreya Enterprises
Shreya Enterprises, established in the Year 2018. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier of Non woven bags . These bags are made up from spunbond non woven fabrics. These bags were first manufactured in China by spun bonded non-woven polypropylene (PP) fabric  which looks and feels like cloth.


why Non woven bags :-

Plastic Bags:-
Plastic bags pose a hazard to the environment. These bags are non biodegradable. They are solid waste pollutants resulting in clogging drains, floating in rivers and oceans.

Paper Bags :-
Although Paper bags are Ecofriendly and recyclable but it can be recycled only thrice. They are not Reusable. Since it is not reusable we have to keep on producing Paper bags. They are actually made by chopping trees down which ends up threatening the planet’s air quality. More over these bags are not able to carry heavy weight items.

Non woven Bags :-

Nonwoven shopping bags made from biodegradable fibers. Hence it is recyclable. These bags can be reused for any number of time. Hence it is more durable. These bags are easy to carry since lightweight and they can be easily foldable.
Non woven bags are more economical, recyclable and reusable.
These bags are mainly used for shopping bags, sweet box bag, Grocery bags, garment bags, cake bags, Zipper bags for packing saree and Clothes, carry bags. These bags are available in different types and sizes according to the requirement of clients.
We are dealing with Non Woven Carry Bags, D Cut Bags, W Cut Bags, U Cut Bags, Loop handle Bags, Side Gusset Bags, Bottom Gusset Bags, Non Woven Printed Bag, sweet box bags, Cake bags, Non Woven Shoe Bags and much more  with various colors and customized design on the bags.
Our Products

Non woven bags
- Dcut Bags
- Wcut Bags
- Ucut Bags
- Box Type Bags
- Loop Handle Bags.
- Sweet Box Bags
- Cake Box Bags
non woven bags manufacturer
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Shreya Enterprises
Khasra No. 13/6, Nangli Sakrawati Industrial Area, Najafgarh, New Delhi - 110043
              [email protected]
Contacts :-
    Mr. Akhil Goyal :- +91 - 9268242770, 8383964797
Mr. Akshay Goyal :- +91 - 9015880681, 8810686064
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